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Coming and Going
I’ve dealt in drugs and dishonesty,
arguments and poetry,
litany and blasphemy,
brotherhood and infamy,
ghosts an’ crip’ling anxiety,
depression and dream eulogy,
the barren land and forgiving sea,
stray dog freedom and love’s slavery
broken homes, hollow bones,
always answering-machine telephones,
junk sick beauties with sunken bellies,
looped movie menus on static tellies,
skinny spirits in plastic dresses,
absolute absence and golden tresses,
everything else in red and black,
the sun on skin on the walk back
moving forward, no map in mind,
boozy bums lose track of time,
I sat at station longer than I should,
all that coming, and going, felt pretty good
the whistles, the motions, the movements, the purpose,
was better than the thistles and madness of presence,
when one builds a monument, they too build a tomb,
and eventually we are only ghosts in a room …
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Both Dogs and Lions
I never told no one about this,
because I didn’t really think it important,
but my stepdad used to beat our dogs in front of me,
like he was showing me what the world was…
       the world is what you make it,
               a beaten dog or a lion
               and if you find out you’re a beaten dog,
                       don’t ever let the fight leave you,
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Mature content
Sanchez :iconjohnfinch:johnfinch 0 0
Mature content
The Ballad of Cowboy Colors :iconjohnfinch:johnfinch 0 0
The Day Dean Died
I think the day that Dean died for me was
       when I sailed over that asphalt sea
       across the desert where the sun hung orange and
       the great ball tree stands stoic, some of its balls broken,
       to arrive in city, after the night fell, and sitting at our old haunt
       was he, and his new girl, and they were blowing smoke into the air,
       and his tears had dried in all the hours it took for me to drive, and he
       stared at me like he didn’t know me, and my heart broke …
               that was the day Dean died …
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Do Not Stop the Pen
sometimes you stop the pen
because the thought that flits
may offend,
but in doing so you cripple self,
and put good thoughts
on forgotten shelves …
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Mature content
Brief Moments of Illumination :iconjohnfinch:johnfinch 4 1
Crumbled Tile, Graffiti Wall
most the times it seems,
it is really all just a manner of perception
no truth necessarily,
only you
and what you make the truth
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One More Time With Feeling
some fella I went to high school with
was found dead out in the middle of no where
inside of a great bowl, floating where the city lights don’t reach
      said he died of suicide
he disappeared a week or so ago, fell off the face of earth,
I wonder what it was like, sitting out there with nothing
all around, just your thoughts, thoughts and the vast black
above littered with the shining stars, a sight that we forget
deep inside the city light pollution and all the rushing, there
out there in no where, all alone, and staring at everything
       one last time …
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The Fear
it used to be tripping acid in the park
now it’s just reading thick books in the dark
       it used to be coyotes, magpies and blue jays
       but now it’s just a caged macaw that makes a lot of noise
                       in the late spring or autumn afternoons
       putting on another jazz album as the clock keeps ticking
       evenings away and you sit in the dark or you sleep and
       either way, nothing actually gets done, instead the page
       stays blank and the mind stays medicated and the fear
       sets in, the fear that nothing is ever going to get done,
       that tonight and the nights recently haven’t just been
       a slump or an exception but instead are truly the regular
       and yo
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Of Crosses and Sceptors
they crucified Kerouac on that cross of the cool
and where Christ’s cross read I. N. R. I. on Kerouac’s
they inscribed B. E. A. T.
       and he hung there, like their sad clown
       drowning in the drink and tears and tears and tears
sometimes you gotta say the thing, the thing that’s of the moment,
       but the moment's always moving, so sometimes change
       the things you said
               don’t let them place that thorned crown on your head,
               that fixedness, that stagnance, that death of your
                               own growth
       not bodies of soot and grime
               but glorious sunflowers
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The Old Be Getting New All the Time
drinking scotch
with a hint of licorice,
of which I'm not too fond of,
watching the flames flicker
from the candles which litter
the apartment and shimmer
the wire tree's golden leaves
listening to new records
by old favorites,
staring at the walls
again remembering,
wandering back,
but these days
not nostalgically
just letting
the past
       have its peace …
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Mature content
Color-Coded :iconjohnfinch:johnfinch 0 0
Brief Car Conversation
talking to an older friend,
       I asked, “Does it fade?
       With time does the nostalgia
he was silent for a while,
       staring straight ahead, before
       he said, “I always thought
       of nostalgia not as missing
       that which passed, but instead
       wishing things had worked out
       different, wondering what you
       would change …”
I sat there in the passenger seat,
       and did not say a thing—
       for I wouldn’t change a thing,
       so what’s the point of all this longing? …
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I believe in myself,
my love, God, and flowers,
       in no particular order,
       for I love myself as she loves me
       and I love her as she loves herself
       she is a flower, dew-dropped,
       she holds my hands and wears flower-prints
       as we walk through holy gardens
       and God is all around and in,
       and the flowers let me feel it,
       like her skin pressed to my palm,
       like her soul, holy, inwoven into mine,
       like God, holy, inwoven to the all
       our love, holy, inwoven into all …
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Mature content
Bonnie and Clyde :iconjohnfinch:johnfinch 3 0

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Lose the passion of  your love
filled with apathy
filled with regret
Lose your morals for they are water on the brain
filled with piss
filled with ejaculate
Lose your keys for your no longer welcome in this house
filled with malice
filled with hate
Lose your faith in god, a useless jester of hosts
filled with comedy
filled with error
Lose your condiments and eat your food dry
filled with meat
filled with malevolence
Lose your faggot in  a graveyard to a drunken slumber
filled with ass
filled with love
Lose your mother to your friends and a lover
filled with shit
filled with dysentery
Lose your limb in the war on terror
filled with disgrace
filled with just cause
Lose your train, barreling down the path to enlightenment
filled with falsity
filled with chagrin
Lose yourself and throw your mortal husk into the flames
filled with passion
filled with discontent.
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Your Frame A Revolution
Panic in the streets of Jerusalem as you pull the thin white sheet over your frame and walk to the balcony.  
"They are rioting in the streets again."
I lean back and light the other half of the cigarette I left in the ashtray when you came into the room, dripping from you hair, sweet waters of your skin that stick to the sheets
The white sheet that sticks to your frame,
The white sheet that outlines your ass like the winged victory,
The white sheet with three spots of coffee on the left hand corner,
Not because it was spilt but it was the product of your boredom
You liked to lick your fingers after dipping them in my favorite mug,
The one I sipped from as I admired at the window
Cool breeze of night and inhale - exhale
"Come here before you miss this!"
The violence excites you and I walk towards your green eyes.
Below the scene is bloody.
A man with a rock
A man with a gun
A rock is thrown and a trigger pulled
So many more rocks than guns.
They run towards the barricades and
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The Dove Is Left
Summer now is gone, and the leaves stay their course towards the ground.
Clouds in giant beast forms roar through the warmth of the sun,
A chill arises in the night. A shadowy ghost in dark corners begins to see light.
Streets are damp with lightning strikes and the warm glow of the earth.
Leave behind old torn shorts made from old torn pants with tears.
We all beat our heads against desks for the new season has begun!
Leave behind piles of mud and of cigarette ashes on edges of parapets,
the lone dove in a sunset, perched on the last living branches.
Take flight and seek a warmer evening to find refuge in, poor trash bird.
The city nights here will be barren, even in your solitude the wind will chill
as the dogs go hungry now in corners unseen and under the crawl space.
Leaving behind bones and a foul stench of freedom, swelling your lids.
Wait for the new blossoms of spring, when mother earth enters catharsis!
The warriors cry is sung with a sad lament for the last of the leaves have
:iconanimalfeathers:AnimalFeathers 9 7
Brown is Beauty by chuma Brown is Beauty :iconchuma:chuma 2,062 183



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